Preparing for Viewings

This is one of the most exciting steps in the home buying process. This is the time where you have identified homes that are of interest and match some, or all of your criteria. Here is what to do next. 

1. Send Us Your List

Email us a list of homes that you would like to view. If you'd like to view several homes, please provide 48 hours advance notice (if possible) so that we can arrange all of the viewings. Many homes, if tenanted, require 24 hours advance notice.

2. We will Conduct an Additional Search

Your agent with the Stephen Foster Property Group will do an internal search to see if we can find any other homes that might be worth viewing, based on the properties that you have sent us.

3. Booking the Viewings

We will book the viewings and then send you confirmation of when and where to meet. We will print off the detailed property information sheet for each property.

4. Viewing the Properties

Then, it's time to view the properties. We will make notes as we view the homes related to potential benefits, pitfalls and things to be aware of. Want to know what to look for? See our Property Viewing Tips page.  

5. Following the viewings

if we have found the property that you would like to purchase, we will sit down and do a comprehensive analysis of the property in relation to recent sales and statistics, we'll discuss the details of writing an offer and walk through all of the nuances of the next steps.