The exciting day has come! Congratulations. Ideally everything will be as expected.  It is not uncommon that you will you find that something has emerged since your inspection.  We will be with you on possession day to help guide you through any further process if necessary. 

  • Open and close all windows and doors

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors where present.
  • Check all of the electrical outlets and switches.

  • Look behind any window coverings for hidden signs of damage.

  • Turn on any electric baseboard heaters present.

  • Run hot and cold water at all plumbing fixtures. Check for leaks.

  • Check walls and ceilings for signs of new damage/staining/repairs

  • Walk the entire property around the outside looking for changes.

  • Operate the kitchen, laundry appliances and central vacuum if present.

  • Operate the furnace and air conditioning (Where outside temperatures permit).

  • Check basement walls/floor for new staining or wetness.

  • Turn on  the gas fireplace(s)