A little history

From the end of the Second World War to about 1990 was the heyday of the fishing fleet at Fishermans Wharf. Fishing vessels were tied to every dock but the two ( and now 3) at the east end. Over the years, the fishing fleet began to shrink and more dock space was allocated to live-aboards. As the power and sail boats moved to the west, new Float homes began to take their place.


A close knit community known as Fisherman's Wharf Floathome Village, located next to the marina and fishing boat piers *Ranked as Victoria's #3 tourist destination by Victoria News

 The Benefits of Wharf Life

  • A unique living option as a full-time resident; a retirement or vacation home; or a unique low impact business, e.g. B&B.
  • A family-friendly community; an inherited community for new comers
  • An instant social life, but your neighbours respect your privacy
  • A community that gathers together for regular social events … all are invited to join in .. most do
  • A busy vibrant dock life by day; peace and quiet with privacy at night
  • A marvelous alternative to condo living Shopping is within a 15 minute walk, or short water taxi ride away
  • Tie-up a small boat or kayak next to your home, and kayak from your front door to the Gorge, shops, restaurants, entertainment...
  • a short walk for groceries
  • Constantly changing parade of boats, floatplanes, ferries and wildlife (otters, sea mink, seals, many types of birds, herons, and racoons)
  • Ringside seats for harbour events, i.e. fireworks displays; the Swiftsure annual international sailboat races; the Antique boat show; or paddle over to see Symphony Splash in the inner harbour
  • If you are a seafood lover...Well enough said!

Float Homes 

  • In our protected harbour Float homes move with the winds and tides
  • Unlike keeled boats, Float homes do not pitch and roll
  • Float homes are built on concrete hulls, or polyethylene-covered styrofoam billets
  • Fisherman Wharf Float homes are pet friendly, allowing up to two pets
  • Barbecues are a must at Fishermans Wharf!
  • Choose your own colorful paint for your customized Float home


  • Propane service to your door
  • 30 amp service
  • Hydro @ approx $30 per month
  • City Water
  • City sewage


  • Parking for your car
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Bike
  • Water taxi