Simple Changes For
Significant Resale Value

Enhancements in and around the home not only enhance your overall quality of life but also contribute to an increase in the property's value, particularly if you're contemplating a sale. Numerous factors can positively impact a homes value with the potential to elevate your home's worth.

Consider the following key aspects when aiming to increase your property's value. Not all home improvement projects are equitable, so it is crucial to work with a real estate professional to determine what buyers want and what projects will give you a return for when selling your home.

The best return on investment home improvements include:

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen, often considered the heart of the…

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The Selling ProcesS

In the dynamic world of realestate, selling a property requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. As a dedicated professional in my field, my mission is to provide unparalleled services to my sellers, ensuring a seamless and successful selling experience. From strategic marketing to personalized guidance, here is a glimpse of the exceptional real estate services I offer to those looking to list their property with me. 

Strategic Pricing Analysis

Not all properties are the same and setting the right price is crucial to attract potential buyers and maximize returns. There are many factors that will impact a listing price including the current condition and age of your home, the topography of your location,  access to…

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I am happy to report the successful sale of the properties I had listed below.

Strategic marketing, patience, communication and a dedicated team effort played a crucial role in achieving the optimal outcome for our sellers. 

A big thank you to all my clients for entrusting me with the sale of their properties.

If you are you looking to buy or sell a property on Vancouver Island or in the Gulf Islands, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me today for a personal consultation to see how we can work together to achieve your real estate goals.

160-210 Russel Road - Victoria West

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 1817 Fairfield Road - Victoria, Fairfield East

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Waterfront LIVING on Vancouver island

Vancouver Island is fast becoming one of the most sought after locations to find waterfront properties, Be it oceanfront or a lakefront property, dive into the realities of waterfront living as I unveil the many considerations that need to be taken in owning a shoreline home.

Wilderness At Your Door

Living on a waterfront property on Vancouver Island in British Columbia is a dream for many. The stunning views, the variety of wildlife at your doorstep, the soothing sounds of the water lapping the shoreline and the promise of a unique lifestyle.

Considerations for Ownership

Prospective buyers should take into account a variety of factors associated with owning seaside or lakefront real estate in this…

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Upcoming New Legislative Changes

There are new provincial and municipal legislative changes coming soon related to short-term rentals. The province defines short-term rentals as accomodations rented out for a period of less than 90 consecutive days. The new rules will apply to cities with a population of 10,000 or greater. British Columbia's provincial rules allow each municipality to determine their specific regulations and bylaws.

There is much debate about whether tightening the current rules in place will improve the rental market situation. 

The BC goverment issued a news release on Oct.16th, 2023 regarding the introduction of legislation to regulate the short term rental market. The purpose for this amendment is an attempt to alleviate…

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Rural Real Estate

As the charming coastal city of Victoria continues to capture the hearts of homebuyers and investors, the spotlight has begun to shine on the hidden gems nestled in the rural outskirts of this vibrant city. Victoria, known for its historic architecture, picturesque gardens and bustling cultural scene, is surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island. A unique opportunity awaits those seeking a tranquil escape without sacrificing the conveniences of urban living.

Serene Scenery and Abundant Nature

One of the primary draws of the rural properties in Greater Victoria is the breathtaking natural beauty that envelops these areas. From sprawling acreages to waterfront properties offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean,…

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Stephen Foster's - 'Homes For Sale'

I am pleased to highlight my currently active listings for sale on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands below.

If you're a home buyer or you just want to browse through my homes for sale, simply click on the listing photos to learn more about each property.

You can also check out my latest YouTube videos for the full virtual tours of my current listings at the link below. Hit the 'subscribe' button to watch my new tours as soon as they're published.  

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Is your home READY for extreme weather?

BC experiences annual recurrent wildfires and floods. Approximately 60% of the wildfires are from natural causes, while extreme weather and mass flooding causes significant damage to communities and hundreds of homes in the province.

Climate change is a major concern for many British Columbians and preparing for as well as mitigating the climate change disasters was a significan focus during the last federal election.

It is crucial to be aware  of how extreme weather events like wildfires and flooding can impact decisions when buying or selling homes.  Equipping yourself with knowledge will allow you to make well informed choices.

To help you prepare for unforeseen disasters, here are some valuable…

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Coastal Living On Cortes Island

Cortes Island is one of the Discovery Islands situated between Vancouver Island and the mainland. It is accessible by boat or ferry from Campbell River or Quadra Island.

A hidden gem with breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, lush vegetation and a pristine shoreline. Cortes offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.  Whether you seek outdoor adventures, artistic inspiration or a a place to reconnect with nature, it has something magical to offer everyone.

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves lapping against the shore or enjoying your morning coffee while watching the sunrise over the water. The island provides and abundance of privacy and tranquility.

Real Estate on Cortes:

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Coastal & Inland Communities of the Cowichan Valley

The boundaries of the Cowichan Valley region are not strictly defined on a map, however they generally encompass the southern coastline of Cowichan Bay to the northern edge of the Cowichan Lake area. The main communities within the valley include Shawnigan, Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, Cowichan Lake and Duncan.

Its name comes from the Cowichan First Nations who have inhabited the area for thousands of years. The valley has rich Indigenous heritage and the Cowichan Tribes play an essential role in the region's cultural fabric. 

The scenic drive from Shawnigan to Duncan offers a delightful journey through diverse landscapes. As you embark on this drive, you'll experience the beauty of the regions lush…

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