Why It's A Good Idea To Own Gulf Islands Real Estate

Posted by Stephen Foster Property Group on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 10:52am.

The Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada could rightfully so be called country's Magnificent Seven. The islands form a natural archipelago of seven different islands that are all awe-inspiring in their own way. They consist of Salt Spring Island, Galiano Island, Hornby Island, Valdes Island, Gabriola Island, Mayne Island, and Saturna Island. Located between Vancouver Island and the mainland Vancouver, they offer some of the best ways to get back in touch with nature. It is fast becoming a very wise decision to invest in gulf islands real estate before it is too late.




Salt Spring Island is by far the most heavily populated of all of the islands. This goes hand in hand with the fact that it also offers the most amenities. Boasting a population of just under 11,000, the island offers modern conveniences such as banks, gas stations and grocery stores, along with luxuries locally owned business such as coffee shops, art galleries and even yoga studios. Any person looking to buy property here will enjoy the natural splendor of the island without missing out on the conveniences of the modern world. The list is endless!

The other most populated islands include Gabriola Island and Pender Island. While significantly smaller in population than Salt Spring, they still tally a few thousand residents each. Buying property on either of these two islands would allow the homeowner to enjoy slightly scaled-back conveniences but enjoy a much larger serving of wilderness that is great for wildlife observation or camping.



If a more rural setting is desired by someone who is seeking Victoria Real Estate, then look no further than Mayne and Galiano islands. They combine the peace and quiet of an area with a low population while still offering basic amenities. Groceries can be bought and banking can be done on either island and they both even play host to a few liquor stores so that a relaxing cocktail is never out of reach. This pairs perfectly with enjoying the setting sun on the beach or on the patio of a newly purchased home.

For the ultimate in off-the-grid gulf islands real estate, try Thetis Island or Saturna Island. Both of these islands have a population of only a few hundred people each. They possess a rugged beauty and natural charm that is hard to beat for people that like to live on their own and need no help from the modern world. Ferries run very infrequently and there are no businesses to speak of. If you work for yourself or are independently wealthy, these two islands will make a great break from society. Residents are left to their own devices and the people that do call them home absolutely love it.


Depending on your needs, any of these locations near Victoria BC would make a great place to build a homestead. From modern to rustic, the Gulf Islands have much to offer anyone that is interested in building their future homestead there. Enjoy all that the Canadian Northwest has to offer!

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