Historical Roots in the Uplands

Posted by Stephen Foster Property Group on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 12:37pm.


Uplands, Victoria or “The Uplands,” which it is affectionately called by locals, is an upscale community nestled between Cadboro Bay and Northern Oak Bay. This area is well known for it estate-sized lots, winding streets and the signature green, globed, lampposts. The houses are built to impress and their sprawling gardens are carefully manicured to perfection. “In 1909, William Gardner had purchased 465 acres of Uplands Farm from the Hudson’s Bay Co. and signed an agreement with the Municipality of Oak Bay stating the municipality would limit the taxes assessed to the Uplands development for 10 years on condition that Gardiner’s company completed an estimated $500,000 worth of improvements to the site by 1915, (source).” After hiring the leading landscape architect John Olmsted as the designer, “The Uplands,” truly started coming to life.                            


The Uplands seaside setting made it the perfect location for Gardiner’s vision to come into reality. Within the manicured estate homes resides Uplands Park, an untouched expanse of grass fields, wind swept trees and jagged crags. Uplands Park consists of 76 acres of woodland trails and undeveloped natural reserve land, and includes Cattle Point. Cattle used to be ushered off paddle steamers from 1860 to 1910, to swim ashore to what is now Cattle Point. This area now is the perfect spot to walk and watch the sunset or launch your boat from.

A large vocal point of The Uplands is the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. This club is the oldest of its kind in all of British Columbia making it a historic location and also the launchpad for world-renowned regattas. The Swiftsure takes place on the memorial day weekend in May and attracts competitors from Washington, California, Hawaii, New Zealand and Russia. “Over the years, thousands of boats have participated in the Swiftsure International Yacht Race.  For many, just being in the event is a personal triumph and a long-standing memory.  For others, it is an annual rite as many skippers and crews come back to face a new challenge, (source).” Members and their guests can also enjoy drinks at the bar, a full dinner menu, and entry to local events hosted at the club.


Golf fanatics may also find a home in The Uplands at Uplands Golf Club. Founded in 1922, it is a vibrant and established semi-private club with a rich heritage and an incredible future.  “Our diverse membership shares a strong foundation of social values and commitment to the community in which we live, (source).” This classic 18-hole course stretches over 6,420 yards at the Gold markers and offers a challenging course which has hosted many RCGA, National, Provincial and local championships including PGA Tour Canada.  

The Uplands is a beautiful area to own a home for not only the setting but for its location and accessibility to the heart of Victoria. An ideal place for avid gardeners, nature lovers (both greenery and ocean) and anyone looking to experience the luxurious side of Victoria. Contact me (Stephen Foster) to find out more about The Uplands and what listings may interest you → info@stephenfoster.ca

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